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The radiance that exudes from a JSong suit is simply priceless. As a nurse, my professional attire consisted of scrubs and a lab coat. Recently changing my career path to a legal nurse consultant, I needed to make the necessary apparel adjustments. My first suit for this new career was one from the JSong Collection. I felt stylish yet comfortable picking up medical records and meeting attorneys. I have yet to enter a law firm without at least one (usually a few) compliment on my attire. "That suit is beautiful"…"What an original"…"What a great color"… are just some of the comments I receive when wearing JSong. The greatest compliment that I credit to one of my JSong suits is an attorney asking me to participate in a case as the expert when he already had a nurse expert. He stated, "You present well." Apparently he saw everything in my JSong suit that I was feeling: professional, confident and natural. These are all the qualities a jury would be sure to notice. So, despite the other nurse having more credentials, the attorney felt a jury would be more receptive to me. JSong has definitely accomplished their goal of spreading "joy and song" in my life as I proudly wear their label. It was quite an easy transition to hang up my scrubs, when they were replaced with the quality and style of the JSong Collection.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Twells
Legal Nurse Consultant


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